Bergdahl Discharged From Coast Guard Prior To Joining Army

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As more information becomes available it becomes more evident that Sgt. Bergdahl very well left his post in Afghanistan. A recent report from USA Today helps to confirm this.

According to the report, Bergdahl was discharged from the Coast Guard in 2006 after failing to finish boot camp.

“He did join in early 2006 and he did enter boot camp training,” Coast Guard spokeswoman Lisa Novak said.

“He left after 26 days … with an uncharacterized discharge.”

According to Coast Guard regulations, such discharges are given to people who fail to serve at least 180 days. Novak wouldn’t provide any further details about the discharge, however the length of boot camp for the Coast Guard is eight weeks.

Bergdahl had been held captive for nearly five years after leaving his base in Afghanistan. His fellow soldiers have said that he became disillusioned with the war and left his post.

Reports have also surfaced that the sergeant converted to Islam and declared jihad on America in 2010 based on military intelligence.

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