Woman Aquitted Of Attempted Murder After Trying To Cut Officer’s Throat

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Jennifer Berube was acquitted of murder charges after she snuck up behind an officer with a knife and tried to cut his throat while she was being held under arrest.

The 40-year-old Vermont woman escaped conviction of attempted second-degree murder and a lesser charge of attempted aggravated assault against Officer Damon Nguyen after a jury found her not guilty of the charges on Friday.

Members of the jury defended their decision and said that they didn’t believe the charges fit the crime. The jury foreman said that while she did assault the officer, she didn’t show intent to actually kill him.

He also said that with the lesser charge the prosecution failed to prove her intent, so they had no choice but to find her not guilty.

“At no point did she actually try to stab him or to cut him. She certainly put the knife in front of his face,” said David Soucy.

Soucy explained that he and other members of the jury believe they came to the right decision, although they’re not happy that Berube is getting to walk away from the charges.

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