Obama Makes Unconstitutional Land Grab In Three Different States

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If you paid attention to the dispute over a rancher’s grazing area in Nevada you know that Obama has been using the Endangered Species Act to perpetrate massive land grabs in mid-western states. On Monday, another abuse of the act happened when a rare mouse was placed under protection, which is guaranteed to place even more of a burden on ranchers in the area.

The meadow jumping mouse is found in New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona and lives along streams and wetlands. Not surprisingly, biologists have claimed that the biggest threats to the rodent are grazing and water management and use so the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued an order listing the mouse as endangered.

Now regional officials with the U.S. Forest Service have said that they will need to put up fences or take other actions to protect the mouse’s water sources. Because of this, ranchers said that they’ll be forced to abandon their grazing areas if there’s no water for their livestock.

Obama Plans HUGE Land Grab


This falls lock-step with the EPA’s recent declaration that they intend to regulate cow flatulence as a methane source. However with such a proposal being too controversial for Americans, who wouldn’t tolerate such garbage, Obama’s using backdoor methods to choke out the farming industry by taking away their grazing areas.

He’s doing the same thing with firearms businesses through Operation Choke Point, which pressures banks into not doing business with anybody associated with guns. If they can’t do banking like a regular business then they have no business at all.

So the next time someone tries to tell you that the GOP and conservatives are America’s largest threat, just remind them that our President has waged war on the industries he doesn’t like and will do anything possible to stop them.

Obama Signs Executive Order To Legalize BLM’s Land Grabs 

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