How Does Obama Celebrate A Muslim Holiday? By Sending $200 Million to A Muslim Nation

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Ever since he’s taken office people have believed that Obama may be Muslim, and his actions to date have without a doubt shown that at the very least he’s very sympathetic towards them. He’s armed terrorists across the Middle East, providing various forms of aid to Islamic nations, and sided with Muslims in nearly every instance he’s faced with a choice, which only serves to reinforce that notion.

Last year he decided he was going to give an additional aid package to the people of Syria as the month of Ramadan wound down and just in time for the end of the month holiday called id al-Fitr. The total in additional humanitarian aid was $195 million was given to the people in the war torn nation.

It’s not that anybody doesn’t feel bad for the people of Syria, but when there’s so much wrong at home and our nation is stuck with runaway debt how can we afford to give money away like this? It’s not our war and it’s not up to Obama to pick winners and losers across the globe, which he seems to love to do.

Perhaps instead of complaining we don’t have the money to give our vets the proper care and treatment they deserve, Obama should stop sending holiday “donations” to Muslim nations.

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