‘Just F**king Do As I Say!’ Secret Service Agent’s Memoir Details Hillary’s Entitled Attitude

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According to the agent assigned to protect Bill and Hillary Clinton, Hilary is as cold as an ice queen and treats the people around her like total garbage.

Retired Secret Service agent Dan Emmett was assigned to the Clinton’s on the day that Bill took office. His latest book, Within Arm’s Length, tells all about the Clintons and what it was like to guard the first family.

Hillary has been known to throw a book at the back of an agent’s head while he was driving the Presidential limo because she thought he was eavesdropping. She also never thanked any of those tasked with protecting her, but rather treated them like they were hired help, and shouted profanity-laced tirades against agents for not carrying her bags, even though it’s not a part of their job description.

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“Stay the f**k away from me! Just f*****g do as I say!!!” FBI agents Gary Aldridge quoted her in his book, Unlimited Access.

Emmett had the most desired position within the Secret Service, and worked the Presidential Protective Division for both Bush presidents as well as Clinton. Of all of them, he described the Clinton Administration as “arrogant,” and claims that Hillary Clinton was aloof.

He said that Hillary looked down upon the agents, never saying thank you or respecting their positions, while Bill was personable and wanted to get to know them. Their daughter Chelsea was also snobby and treated the agents like they were just hired help, according to Emmett.

According to Emmett, the arrogance ran throughout the White House as well with staffers and aides acting in the same stuck-up manner. He said they all displayed “fundamental traits of rudeness and arrogance,” which he said was borderline dangerous at times.

“Most of these youngsters were from wealthy families and many viewed Secret Service agents as the hired help,” he wrote.

His memoirs described what many of us already knew to be true, that Hillary Clinton was nothing more than a snobby, entitled woman who looks down on everyone around her. He was up close and personal with the Clinton’s due to his job, so there’s little reason to doubt what he’s saying.

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