Woman Has Sex With Teen, Flees To Canada And Is Granted Asylum

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We here in America look down strongly on those willing to take advantage of our youth for sexual purposes and a woman was recently taught just that the hard way. After being found guilty of having sex with a teen boy, she fled to Canada where she has just been granted asylum.

It all started back in 2010 when Denise Harvey, 47, (then 44) struck up a flirtatious relationship with a teammate of her son on his baseball team. Soon enough the relationship turned sexual and was only discovered after the victim’s brother walked in on the two mid-thrust.

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After an investigation was launched into the Harvey’s actions, the woman was recorded in her panic begging the boy not to tell police. Along with this, she was also heard attempting to blackmail the boy’s sister in order to scare her out of furthering the police investigation.

She was then taken to court and as the gavel dropped she found herself facing a staggering 30 years behind bars. Deciding to act rather than remain in prison for the greater majority of the remainder of her life, she packed herself, her husband and her son up and moved to Saskatchewan, Canada.


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Claiming she was a victim of “cruel and unusual punishment,” she applied for refugee status and was granted such despite the country’s courts trying to force her back home. She then moved on to applying for asylum – a notion in which the Canadian government has appealed a few times exhausting all their legal means.


Immigration Minister Chris Alexander explained his frustration regarding the case saying, “It is mind-boggling that individuals from the United States, which has been designated a safe country precisely because it respects human rights and does not normally produce refugees, think it is acceptable to file asylum claims in Canada.”

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Alas however, the Canadian government recently granted Harvey asylum meaning that she is safe from her prison sentence in America. Furthermore, she is free to apply for citizenship which she is already in the process of doing.

So what do you guys think of all this – was her crime worth 30 years in jail? Did she deserve asylum from her punishment? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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