The Movement To Impeach Obama Is Running Full Steam Ahead, Here’s How

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For some time now the calls to impeach President Obama have been growing louder and louder, and with the most recent scandals involving the VA hospital wait times and the release of five terrorists without the approval of Congress have made those calls erupt across the nation.

While many people have already known the Obama administration to be lawless and do as it wants, many more are waking up to the fact that Obama has zero respect for the rule of law and that scandals have become the norm.

Dr. Jerome Corsi wrote a piece for the Tea Party outlining how the combination of these scandalous affairs must end with Obama’s impeachment. He wonders how many more Americans must die and how many laws ignored before our spineless Congress will act.

Congressman Filing Articles Of Impeachment Against Eric Holder

Along with what he wrote, he released a video explaining why impeachment is now the only option to stop this regime before it can do anymore damage to our nation.

Along with Corsi there have been many other prominent conservatives who are both in office and previously served who are asking the same questions. At some point we as Americans have to say “Enough!” and put an end to the madness that has taken over our nation.

With any kind of luck, the illegal prisoner exchange will be the straw that broke the camel’s back and Congress will have to political winds in their favor in order to move forward with removing Obama. Should it happen Obama will get another “first” along with being the first “black” president, he’ll be the first black president to have been impeached as well.

The race card only works for so long.

GOP Threatening Obama With Impeachment

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