Bully Picks On The Wrong One: MMA Fighter Edition

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If one thing has always remained consistent, is that bullies only pick on those they can beat up and never seem to mess with someone that may damage their ego. Unfortunately for one bully, he was taught the hard way that maybe you shouldn’t be picking on anyone at all.

As it turns out, his last victim was actually a young MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter who was well trained.

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The fight was simple really, as the bully continued to backpedal and continued to look for a reason not to fight his accidental victim. Making sure he had as best possible chance at not getting beat up as bad as he could, the bully made several attempts to weasel his way out of the fight.

Demanding the MMA fight didn’t kick was only one example, but the bully even went so far as to look at his phone, pretending that he had something more important to do than get his butt kicked. What do you think of this coward? Let us know in the comments below.

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