Reality Show Star Sparks Outrage After Posing With Rifle

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The amount of idiocy surrounding guns in America is becoming absolutely insane, and as would be expected, when a 21-year-old reality show star posed with an AR-15 inside a gun shop the anti-gun rejects came out with their verbal guns blazing.

When Jessa Duggar’s boyfriend posted the picture to his Facebook profile, all hell broke loose in the social media world.

Duggar is the star of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, and her family are staunch conservatives who are very pro-Second Amendment. Why anybody would be outraged at her posing with a rifle when they know she’s pro-gun is beyond me, however we’re not dealing with rational adults in this debate.

The article on the DailyMail referring to the picture called the .22 caliber AR-15 a “high-capacity, semi-automatic assault rifle” only adding fuel to the fire. This is a common tactic the media has deployed to make guns out to be the cause of violence, rather than the actual cause which is declining morals and values in our nation.

Either way, read the article on the DailyMail and let us know how ridiculous you think people are getting in the whole gun debate!

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