Brutal Right Hook Knocks Out Bully And Causes Nasty Faceplant

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The latest liberal strategy for standing up to bullying is to appease the bully in hopes that they will bore of tormenting you and eventually leave you alone. However those of us with half of a brain realize that the best way to deal with an aggressive bully is to talk to them through the only language they understand, which is force. Which is exactly what the kid in this video did.

An obviously larger boy that appears to be in his teens goes after the smaller guy who’s near his truck. He first tries to corner him but the smaller kid is able to get away before any serious damage is done.

At one point the bully in the orange shirt lunges towards the smaller kid and when he does, the smaller kid landed a vicious right hook. Instantly the kid in the orange was knocked unconscious and the did a mean faceplant straight into the pavement.

Now what would you say is a more effective deterrent against a bully, wearing a pink shirt and claiming you’re a victim or delivering a brutal one-punch and knocking the crap out of them? Let us know with a comment!

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