Sheriff Calls For Second Revolution If Guns Are Banned

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Regardless of whatever nonsensical myths the media and anti-gunners like to perpetuate, Americans aren’t as supportive of gun control measures as they would have us believe. The Second Amendment is a beacon of freedom and as such the vast majority of Americans support the private ownership of firearms.

People aren’t fans of tyranny, and only a tyrannical government would move to disarm its people. Because of this, Americans have vowed stiff resistance to any attempts at banning firearms and some have even said that it would bring about the second American Revolution.

A sheriff from Milwaukee is one of those who are promising to resist any efforts by gun-grabbers to shove more gun control down our throats because he believes being armed is what has kept Americans free. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has warned the anti-gun crowd to “keep your hands off our guns,” and also vowed that he wouldn’t enforce any new laws that were passed.

The good sheriff joined Alex Jones and discussed what he thought the repercussions of confiscation would be, as well as warned that there will be a second American Revolution should the gun grabbers even try.

Go ahead and watch the video then let us know if you agree with Sheriff Clarke!

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