Liberals Praise Jailing Of Marine In Mexican Prison, Because GUNS!


June 10, 2014 6:50am PST

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi accidentally crossed the border into Mexico with three weapons after getting lost on a remote road near the border. Ever since he’s been held in squalid conditions in a Mexican prison while awaiting a mock trial which will more than likely end up with him getting a ridiculous sentence. While those of us who actually support our vets are pressing the Obama administration to work to free the soldier, liberals are praising the Mexican authorities for jailing him because, well, guns.

An article in the L.A. Times written by liberal “journalist” Robin Abcarian makes the case for why we should just shut up and let the notoriously crooked Mexican government have their way with our proud soldier who’s been left to rot, and it’s going to make your blood boil.

The tone for the article is set in the opening paragraph when Abcarian says, “What authority in his or her right mind would simply say, ‘OK, son. You made a mistake. Take your loaded rifle, your loaded shotgun, your loaded pistol and your 400 rounds of ammo and get the heck out of here.’”

Lost Marine Ends Up Chained Down In Mexican Jail

Obviously delusional, she feels that having loaded weapons makes someone a threat and it’s obvious in the tone she takes with her statement. It gets better as well, in the following paragraph she writes that the sergeant is “lucky” he got “busted” because it will allow him to get “the intervention he clearly needs.”

Tahmooressi’s mother has said that he suffers from PTSD, however he hasn’t shown any violent behaviors in the past. Clearly, going to war will take its toll on somebody, however there’s never been any indication that Tahmooressi would commit a violent act or go out of his way to hurt someone. After all, he took an oath to protect his fellow Americans and most every soldier takes that oath seriously.

Abcarian’s self-satisfaction shines through later in the article when she chides the Marine as “tough,” so he should just suck it up and stop complaining already.

“It can’t possibly be pleasant to be imprisoned in Mexico–or downtown Los Angeles, for that matter–but according to Ariel Moutsatsos-Morales, the Mexican Embassy’s minister for public affairs in Washington, Tahmooressi’s ‘fundamental rights have been respected, including the rights to due process and personal integrity.’ (And dare I say, this is a Marine who did two tours in Afghanistan. Are such Americans not among our toughest?)”

Abcarian’s attempt to smear a veteran simply because his mother worried about him while suggesting that the rest of us should be thankful that Mexico captured an armed Marine, while at the same time defending Obama on the Bergdahl swap, is abhorrent at best. Americans will be thankful to the Mexican government when they actually stop the real armed threats that dance across the border like it’s a ballroom floor, the drug cartels.

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