Bob Bergdahl Addressed Public With Encoded “Jihad Message”

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As the facts pertaining to Bowe Bergdahl remain unclear at best, may have been eyeballing the deserter’s father, Bob, as well. Growing his beard out and giving praises to Allah, the family’s transformation to Islam has raised concerns to say the least.

Most recently, it appears as though Bob had hinted that his son was engaged in jihad in a speech he made back in 2013. The speech was meant to elongate the continued attention regarding his son’s absence, during which time he took to speaking directly to his son.

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Amidst his speech, he said:

Bowe, my son. Zmazoy, if you can hear me on BBC Radio. You are part of the peace process. You are part of ending the Afghan war, like we have known for some time. Have faith. Do good works. Continue to tell the truth. But above all, Sabr. Have the patience that can only come from god. We are being tested and god tests those who he knows can persevere.

According to WMD, “Sabr is one of the two main components of Islamic faith. It is the Islamic virtue of ‘patience’ or ‘endurance.’” As it stands, the word is mentioned about 90 times in the Quran, but is most often used in reference with jihad.

Bob Bergdahl

Now those who refer to the Islam as the “religion of peace,” will be quick to say that jihad is mostly reflected upon as an internal fight, against oneself and their temptation to sin. As we’ve seen however, when it comes to the extremist variety, they’ve taken it to mean war in which they must purge the world of the infidel.

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As previously mentioned, the term “Sabr” is usually used to describe the time during jihad that may try a soldier of Allah as one verse stated, “And know that victory comes with patience.” Another verse uses the term as a virtue for punishing the enemy saying, “And if you punish your enemy, then punish them with the like of that with which you were afflicted. But if you endure patiently, verily, it is better for those who are patient (Sabr).”

So what do you guys think – was Bob just telling his son to be patient during his captivity or was he hinting at something a bit more sinister? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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