Armed Senior Citizen Thwarts Massacre By Shooting Two Thugs

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This incident occurred back in 2012, but of course the liberal media ignored it as it didn’t fit their gun grabbing agenda.

A senior citizen was minding his own business at a Las Vegas internet cafe, when in walked two armed thugs. The surveillance video above captured what unfolded next from three angles.

The man, a concealed carrier, reacted in seconds. He was able to shoot both suspects before they had the opportunity to wreak havoc on the establishment and it’s patrons that day. Because of his heroic efforts, the criminals were later apprehended and held accountable.

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It’s pretty clear who had the upper hand in this situation; namely, the good guy with the gun. Imagine if the liberals had their way with gun control. An incident like this would have turned into a massacre of many innocents.

As the video points out, it takes an average of six minutes for police to respond to a crisis such as this one. It only takes seconds for an experienced gun owner to act accordingly. I think I’ll put my money on guns.

Imagine what could have become of the innocent people in the room that day if nobody had been able to protect them. It’s very possible that many of them would be dead.

This elderly man should have been touted as a hero, but his brave actions were all but passed over in the press. Sad, don’t you think? Tell us how you feel about this report in the comments section!

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