Robert Kardashian, OJ Simpson’s Lawyer, Hid Evidence That Would Have Convicted Him Of Murder

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An exclusive interview with MailOnline has revealed some shocking revelations about the trail of OJ Simpson for the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman, who were both brutally stabbed to death outside of the Simpson’s home.

Fred Goldman, the father of Ronald, sat down for a lengthy interview with the online publication to talk about what he thought happened throughout the trial and why Simpson was never convicted of the heinous crimes.

Most importantly Goldman said that Kardashian, a member of OJ’s “dream team” legal counsel and personal friend to Simpson, walked away from the crime scene with a suitcase full of evidence that would have convicted “the killer,” as Goldman calls him since he refuses to say his name.

“That evidence would have convicted ‘the killer,’” he said. However Kardashian, the father of the reality show stars, died in 2003 of esophageal cancer and took that secret to his grave.

Goldman also explained that his son and Nicole weren’t lovers, but only friends and that his son would go out of his way for friends and family.

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“As far as I know, despite all of the rumors, Ron and Nicole were just friends, they were not dating. As a matter of fact, at the time he was dating a young lady by the name of Jackie. But that’s the kind of person he was, he went out of his way for his family and friends.”

He also doesn’t blame the prosecution for losing the case, despite the fact that many others have.

“The prosecution did an admiral job but the courtroom was free-for-all because of Judge Ito. A lot of things were done that were foolish!  The gloves… how can you try on gloves that were soaked in blood, they were brittle and you want someone to put them on over latex gloves?

“What are you contaminating? That should’ve never happened.”


Goldman still harbors ill feelings towards Simpson, and when the shamed football star was convicted in 2008 on the anniversary of his acquittal for the murders, Goldman and his wife sent him a card in jail.

“We hope you enjoy your new home!” it said.

According to Goldman, they have received very little out of the roughly $33 million settlement they won in a civil suit that found Simpson guilty of the murders. Apparently Simpson swore he would never pay the Goldman’s a cent, however they vowed to spend their entire lives chasing him for it.

Simpson has done everything he can to hide money from them and their attorneys, including laundering the proceeds from his book “If I Did It” through his children so it couldn’t be touched. He also moved to Florida where it’s against the law to seize someone’s residence in order to settle a debt.

According to the DailyMail:

“Simpson is currently serving his 33-year sentence with the possibility of parole after 9 years. He went back to court in 2013 hoping to get his conviction overturned due to poor legal representation but his request was denied by the court stating there was no merit for his accusations.”

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