BOMBSHELL: Obama Ordered Soldiers To Execute Bergdahl Upon Contact

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Although we have yet to have any real answers regarding deserter Bergdahl, new and shocking claims have surfaced leaving even more Americans confused. According to the most recent reports, Obama had ordered the soldiers picking up Bergdahl to execute him at first sight.

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The information comes from the Facebook page called “Bowe Bergdahl is a Traitor,” where several people have come forward to offer invaluable information. Seemingly mild in nature compared to the most recent of news, some claim that Bergdahl was not only a deserter, but a traitor who swapped sides and even trained Taliban soldiers how to make bombs and plant IED’s.

According to one man’s claims:

“My battalion took over the AO from 25th. The story of Bergdahl being a defector is exactly what was briefed to us and I also read the debrief report about the situation. The story is 100% correct. I’ve personally been on a few missions following up on Bergdahls location but we never found anything. I currently live an hour away from his family’s location. Hailey idaho is a resort town frequented by movie stars etc. They typically side with the anti war side of politics in that area and is a perfect spot for him to live in solitude.”

This isn’t even the worst of it – if proven to be true – however as an even more shocking claim has come to light. According to yet another poster:

“What you have is pretty well spot on. All I know is that our orders were kill on contact and then we came back and it was covered up. I’ve personally been threatened a few times that discussing it in half the detail you already have was considered an act of treason.”

So what do you guys think – what would be worth the release of 5 high-level Taliban members just so that we could get eyes on Bergdahl in an effort to execute him as soon as possible? Let us know your thoughts on the entire situation in the comments below.

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