Another Democrat Quits On Obama

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In the wake of the many scandals that have been caused by the Obama administration, Obama has been losing support from the members of his party in droves. The latest controversy surrounding the exchange of military deserter Bowe Bergdahl for five terror detainees in Guantanamo Bay has caused a massive backlash, and even more Obama loyalists to turn away from him.

A recent article from the National Journal spoke about an anonymous Democrat in Washington that emailed the author speaking about the Bergdahl case and why he’s joining the many other Democrats who have quit the Obama machine.

“The email hit my in-box at 9:41 p.m. last Wednesday.  From one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington, a close adviser to the White House, the missive amounted to an electronic eye roll. ‘Even I have had enough.’”

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The anonymous emailer said that it wasn’t so much the actual exchange that bothered him, but the manner in which the entire ordeal was handled. They said that Obama completely mishandled his obligation to “communicate effectively and honestly to Congress and the public.” They went further and said that rather than acknowledging their mistakes, the Obama administration preferred to “cast blame and seek cover behind talking points,” which is something we all knew was commonplace for Obama.

Apparently aides within the White House were aware of the fact they were going to catch heat over the deal and for not keeping Congress in the loop, however they planned on the national security implications taking the stage rather than what Obama did or didn’t do. Apparently the Obama administration is shocked at how much attention is being given to the smaller details of the ordeal, like Bergdahl’s father growing a long beard and the circumstances surrounding the Sgt.’s disappearance. “All this, Obama aides say, is in their minds a proxy for the hatred toward the president.”

“The new approach: Frame the criticism as another example of Republicans complaining about something just because Obama was the one to do it.”

This is the very approach that people are tired of, and the very approach that’s going to cause even more Democrats to run away from Obama and his minions like their hair was on fire. People are tired of the lies and the games, and Obama is single handedly destroying any credibility that the Democrat Party once had.

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This sentiment is echoed throughout the rest of the article on NJ:

“Dem Party is F****d,” wrote a Democratic consultant with strong ties to the White House and Capitol Hill during the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act website.

A Democratic House member whose endorsement in 2008 helped lift the Obama candidacy told me in January, “He’s bored and tired of being president, and our party is paying the price.”

Talented guy but no leader,” said a Democratic lobbyist and former member of Congress in March. “If he could govern half as well as he campaigns, he’d be a good-to-great president.”

Questioning why the Veterans Affairs Department hadn’t been overhauled months ago as promised by Obama, a senior White House official conceded privately to me, “We don’t do the small stuff well. And the small stuff is the important stuff.”

The level of disquiet among Democrats reminds me of President George W. Bush’s second term, when my best sources were frustrated Republicans. (Interviewing Republicans today is like interviewing Democrats in 2006: predictably partisan, rarely insightful.)”

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