Gun Safety Instructor Accidentally Shoots Himself In Front Of Children

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In quite the ironic video, a police officer and gun safety instructor was speaking to a large audience of children regarding the importance of gun safety. Amidst his demonstration, the man managed to pull the trigger of his “unloaded” gun which discharged a round into his own leg.

The incident, although maybe painful for the officer at the time, was actually quite comical, but went to prove a stronger point. Gun safety is never something to be overlooked and we can all be victims of poor gun safety – even the most experienced gun owners.

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As the officer locked the slide of his gun into the open position, he proceeded to tell the students that the gun was empty. Now in normal situations, when the slide is locked open, it is usually an indication that the gun is empty, but can be manipulated to appear this way despite there still being ammo in the magazine.

The officer then told the class that he was the only one qualified to handle a gun in the room and released the slide sending it forward. What he wasn’t paying attention to however, is that when he released the slide, it scooped up a live round from his magazine and loaded it into the chamber.

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Before long, the officer ends up accidentally discharging his weapon and the bullet is sent flying into his leg. Although no one was hurt besides the officer, the video just goes to show the diligence needed to safely operate a firearm at all times.

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