Miss Louisiana Wows The Crowd When Asked About Taliban Prisoner Swap

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The last time a controversial question was asked at the Miss USA Pageant in 2009, Miss California Carrie Prejean caused quite the outrage when she said her conservative Christian beliefs mean that marriage is between a man and a woman. After expressing what she was raised to believe, the beauty pageant winner had come under serious personal attacks as well as having her beliefs attacked, and many believe that her response caused her to be runner-up rather than win.

Well this time around just the opposite happened. In this year’s Miss USA Pageant, Miss Louisiana Brittany Guidry, was asked this:

In recent weeks the U.S. has released five detainees from Guantanamo in exchange for one U.S. soldier held captive in Afghanistan. The U.S. policy is to leave no soldier behind. Do you think it’s fair to sacrifice or swap lives in order to uphold this policy?

Her response wasn’t as candid as Prejean’s was, however she still made it clear that she wasn’t happy with the way the situation was handled when she said “I am glad that we got our guy back. However, I do not feel it is right that we subject ourselves to these acts of terrorism. I do agree with our guy being back but however I do not think we should subject ourselves. Thank you.”

The crowd, as well as social media, blew up in support of the beauty contestant’s answer. Go ahead and watch the video and see what you think.

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