Find out Why Liberals Across the US Are Attacking Miss Nevada

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It really doesn’t take much for a group of Liberals to get their panties in a twist, but throw in a bunch of feminists and just about anything is fair game as long as they can pervert a talking point to fit their agenda. Unfortunately, so was recently the case for Miss Nevada after she suggested self-defense classes for woman as a way to prevent assault and even rape.

After being asked about how to combat sexual assault, being a fourth degree black belt in taekwondo, the answer seemed rather simple to Nia Sanchez – self defense classes. Lets just say the feminists of the Twitter world decided to have a heyday because after all, Sanchez’s response put the responsibility on women to protect themselves rather than find a way to get men to stop raping women.

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You know, a good idea would probably be to make it illegal because then they’d have to stop, right? Of course feminists don’t think about anything rather than the nearsightedness of their argument given that rape is a millennial-old crime and is yet to be extinct – but yeah, we should just expect that its going to stop anytime soon.

Despite this being the reality of the circumstance, Twitter user Kelsey Bemus wrote in, “Not happy w/ Miss Nevada’s answer that to stop rape we should teach women to defend themselves…Why don’t we teach men to not rape?”

Others were quick to jump in on the less than thought out argument saying:

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Fortunately, it appears that some are able to still look at reality for what it is without the clouded fantasy of a land of cupcakes and rainbows clouding their vision. Conservative leaning Dana Loesch responded saying, “So wait — now it’s ‘unfeminist’ to defend yourself if attacked? Jesus take the wheel.”

So what do you guys think – would it be better to be prepared, or is hoping that it doesn’t happen to you good enough? Let us know what you think of the feminist argument in the comments below.

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