Obama’s America? 5-Year-Old Girl Thinks She’s A Thug, And Her Mother Encourages It

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If you ever wanted to know what goes into the making of a hood rat then watch this video. It shows a girl who can’t be more than five years old talking like she’s a thug gangster in the streets of Compton while her mother encourages her to continue.

There’s not much that can be said for this, except that you can’t help but question the character of someone who would encourage this from their children. Such poor parenting can only be a result of other poor decisions in life, and while this may seem comical to her mother it sheds light on a much larger problem – which is people being taught they can behave however they want without repercussion.

There’s really not much that’s cute or funny about this. In fact, it’s an absolutely disgusting display of what’s wrong with our nation.

Granted, this is a free country and people can raise their children however they see fit, but what happened to decency and raising them with respect? Imagine if every child were to be told this was okay, then went out and behaved like this at school or in other public places.

What would you say to this mother if you were given the chance to speak to her? Let us know with a comment!

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