Trayvon Martin Film Coming Soon, Major Hollywood Production In The Works

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Hollywood has a way with profiting off controversy and its most recent announcement is no different. According to reports, actor Will Smith is set to produce a movie about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.

Now, we all know the mindset in which the Hollywood Left have on George Zimmerman despite being found innocent by a jury of his peers, so we can only imagine how far this will take the debate. Oddly enough, George Zimmerman has agreed to be a consultant during the creation of the film and is set to receive just under $3.2 million for his role.

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Smith has also announced that his son, Jaden Smith, will be playing the part of Trayvon Martin. Furthermore Will Smith had this to say about the controversy already being kicked up surrounding the films topic:

It’s obvious that he’s not America’s sweetheart right now but his story is intriguing and it needs to be heard. Hitler wasn’t popular. Does that mean his story is any less interesting? Of course not. Slave masters aren’t popular but 12 Years a Slave was phenomenal. Wait until you see the finished product and judge for yourself.

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Obviously the bias has already begun to take place as Smith – before even beginning the creation of such a film – is likening Zimmerman to the evil in the world (i.e. Hitler and slave owners). Given that he’s so adamant of portraying the life of the monstrous George Zimmerman, I think we can already anticipate the tone of the movie.

What do you guys think – could any good possibly come from this or is this just another way for the selfish and greedy to profit of the misfortune of others? Let us know in the comments below.

Edit: Since writing this report, it has been revealed that some of the facts put out by the media were untrue.

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