Ammunition Prices About To Take A Nose Dive

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Amongst the recent years, we gun loving Americans have had a heck of a time trying to get our hands on cheap ammunition if any ammunition at all. Fortunately for us however, recent reports indicate that the ammunition price bubble is teetering on the brink of a major cliff.

As we all know, Obama has been making any and all attempts for gun control as humanly possible and has already been discovered to be acting behind the backs of Americans as well. Things like Operation Choke Point – which legally deems firearm purchases and sale as “high risk” making it significantly more difficult for banks to interact with such purchases – our Commander-in-Chief has made it abundantly clear that he’ll stoop to any low to move forward with his narcissistic personal agenda.

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Although at this point it’s unclear whether or not it was intentional, it can be said with 100% certainty that Obama was at the center of the ammunition price hike that has plagued so many. However, as we’ve all seen Obama’s fairly limited understanding regarding economics, it seems that price bubble he created, is about to pop.

It all started when the government began buying mass amounts of ammunition. This led to supply becoming quite low for the American people. As manufacturers ramped up efforts to feed this demand, they hiked prices to prevent a complete and utter drought on ammunition.

As they’re beginning to put out the adequate rounds to feed such a need, it seems that this price hike is about to come down as they’re realizing now, they may have made too much. Furthermore, as production remains in effect, orders for supplies are still out, and contracts have yet to be fulfilled, this production rate isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

That’s a good thing for us.

This means that supply is effectively caught back up and in face, will surpass demand causing retailers to drop prices to avoid a bulky inventory. As Americans stock up on ammo due to the low prices– something we feel much more comfortable doing (when we can afford it that is) – the demand will bring back up the price once again. This is standard economics and is to be expected.

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However, as we’re seeing shelves begin to have more and more on them, and retailers are already beginning to mark down prices, it appears the glorious day is upon us friends. Obama’s plan only worked for so long, and it is time, once again, where we can enjoy one of the greatest past times of Americans.

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