Shocking Video Of 3-Yr-Old Smoking, Witnesses Just Laugh

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If a 3-year-old were caught smoking a cigarette out in the open in America, there would be outrage. Passersby would voice their concern, the police would be called, the child would likely be taken from their parents and put into foster care. Heck, in America, just smoking a cigarette in close proximity to a pregnant woman can spark outrage. But not in China!

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Recently, a video surfaced of a Chinese 3-year-old smoking a cigarette on the side of the street. This is alarming on many levels in and of itself, but the story gets worse. It seems that no one who witnessed the incident did anything at all to help or stop the child from smoking. Sadly, most just laughed at the atrocity.


Since it was posted online, the video has gone viral.

The small child can be seen sitting outside what is presumably his family’s home. He looks just like any normal toddler, sitting in a tiny chair at a tiny table just the right size for a little boy of three years. But then you notice that he is holding a cigarette in his left hand like a seasoned pro. Clearly, this isn’t his first time.

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Some 300 million people, around 30 percent of the population, are smokers in China, which is the world’s largest consumer of tobacco. This makes it somewhat easier to understand why no one took this youngster smoking as a big deal, however, nonetheless disturbing.

We live in a society where many would consider it taboo for a 3-year-old to be drinking a Coke, let alone smoking a cigarette. Many parents would be furious to find their teenager smoking and the thought of their toddler exhibiting this bad habit is unthinkable.

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What would you do if you happened to encounter a small child smoking a cigarette as you were walking down the street? Sound off in the comments section!

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