Loch Ness Monster Caught On Tape Up Close And Personal

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In a shocking newer video it seems that someone was able to get up close and personal to the mythical Loch Ness Monster – potentially. Although it’s unclear as to whether or not it was definitively ol’ Nessie, whatever was making such waves was truly massive and just under the surface of the water.

The camera clicks on as viewers watch something swim along just under the surface of the water. At times, a few waves are made until something exciting happens.

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All of a sudden, whatever was under the water stops and begins to make some serious waves close by the camera woman’s boat. You can hear the panic in the camera woman’s voice when the beast broke the surface of the water as you could tell it was quite large.

Telling whoever was driving the boat to get out of there, it seems that Nessie may have gotten spooked and returned to the depths in which she’s always hid. What do you guys think – could this have actually been the Loch Ness Monster? Let us know in the comments below.

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