Jon Stewart Makes Dangerous Assertion With Open Carry And ‘Stand your Ground’ Laws

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Generally speaking, the host of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart, combines satire with current events which makes for an entertaining show that’s sure to make just about anybody laugh. However on Friday night the comedian made a dangerous assertion regarding the open carry activists in Texas and the state’s current “Stand Your Ground” laws that may end up with people getting seriously injured.

Stewart started off talking about the open carry protests that have been happening across the states and in his usual fashion poked fun at those who participate. As the show went on he brought up the people that are at these businesses who aren’t participating in the demonstrations and get scared by the sight of a gun.

After trying to make the case that because people are easily frightened others shouldn’t carry their weapons around, he brought up the “Stand Your Ground” laws and suggested that if someone were to shoot someone open carrying they could use the laws for their defense.

Such a suggestion is dangerous as we all know the lengths that people are willing to go for their cause. It’s widely known that the anti-gun crowd also vehemently opposes the “Stand Your Ground” laws, so it’s not far fetched to think that someone wouldn’t try what Stewart suggested in an attempt to get both repealed.

After all, just last week someone planted a loaded pistol in the Toy aisle at a Target store in New Jersey, presumably so a child would find it and either injure or kill someone. This happened right at the same time that Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America announced a full-court press to get Target to ban firearms in their stores.

If these activists are willing to go to such lengths just to get a store to ban firearms, how far do you think they would be willing to go to repeal open carry and ‘Stand Your Ground” laws?

It’s not as far fetched as one might think.

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