Father Takes Baseball Bat To Teacher After Finding Inappropriate Texts To His Daughter

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In a story that has quite a few people scratching their heads, a teacher was recently assaulted with a baseball bat by a father who explains that the man had been sending inappropriate texts to his teen daughter. Despite this being the case, local police have officially announced that the teacher had done nothing criminal in the first place.

It all began at about 3 in the morning last Thursday where the girl’s mother had discovered the texts between her 15-year-old daughter and the 42-year-old teacher where she reportedly called police. The next day, the teacher showed up at the family’s house uninvited to explain himself.

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When the father asked him to leave however, he refused prompting the home owner to retrieve his baseball bat. The father reportedly struck the man and police once again responded to the house for yet another visit.

At this time, police insist that although text messages were present, there was nothing criminal in them whatsoever. The teacher was also notified as to his rights to press charges for assault and the father was also told that he could file charges for trespassing.

It seems that the only way any real answers could come about would be if the text messages were released. Let us know what you think of this incident in the comments below.

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