KKK Radicalizing: Military Training And The Recruitment Of Children

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Reporters were recently given a rare inside look into the world of the KKK where they’ve recently announced a new strategy regarding an impending and guaranteed race war. Amongst those newly announced strategies are tactics of militarization and even the recruitment of children.

Invited into the home of a KKK family, those willing to participate in the report would only do so under the promise of anonymity and their refusal to remove their iconic hoods. Inside the family of mother and father, Amanda and Sam, along with their two boys, Mike, 14 and Dustin, 11, they help outline the new direction in which the KKK is taking their operations.


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Hoping to conglomerate skinheads (another racist group adamant on the superiority of the white man) the Loyal White Knights (LWK) recently held a secret meeting at a location in Parkersburg, West Virginia. During that time, the gang recruited a whopping 40 participants willing to attend after weeks worth of recruitment.

At that time, the father of the family, Sam, announced that, “We’re going to arm and train in hand-to-hand combat for the upcoming battle.” He further explained, “We already know what’s coming, Sam added. China and Germany don’t want mess with us no more. Hell our dollar ain’t worth but 65 cents right now. And that’s according to the last news report. So we’re gonna have to start training the men, the women, and the kids and get ready.”


Eerily similar to the recruitment of youth in the effort to brainwash them young as seen in Muslim extremist culture, the KKK has also adopted the same strategy. Trying to ensure the next generation of skin deep bigots, the LWK encourages young members but requires them to keep their promise to the group a secret.

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For a more detailed report, feel free to read the article written by the Mail Online here.


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