3 Inmates Escape In Daring Helicopter Prison Break

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It’s like something out of an action movie. Three inmates in a Canadian jail were able to break out when a helicopter swooped in and scooped them up out of the courtyard then flew away.

According to reports, then men escaped a Quebec City detention facility under the cover of darkness on Saturday night in a green helicopter. Authorities aren’t sure how they were able to pull it off and are investigating the incident.

Now a massive manhunt is underway for Yves Denis Yvon Lamontagne, 35, Serge Pomerleau, 49, and Denis Lefebvre, 53.

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A spokeswoman for the Quebec Provincial Police, Ann Mathieu, said “We are talking closely with the detention center to figure out exactly how the escape transpired.”

“The priority number one is to find the helicopter.”

She also said that the Canadian military is assisting in the search and that all of the airports are on high alert for the chopper.

Two of the men were arrested in a drug bust back in 2010 and were being held pending a trial, and there’s not much information available on the third. However in the drug bust police found weapons, dozens of cars and even an airplane.

Authorities speculate that a lone pilot landed the craft inside the prison walls, then the three suspects boarded it and they took off. Witnesses said they saw the craft heading west, possibly towards Montreal.

This is the second such prison break in Canada in the past year. In March of 2013, two men posing as tourists hijacked a helicopter from a Canadian tour company and forced the pilot to fly to a Montreal detention center at gunpoint. They then hovered over the jail while two inmates were hoisted into the aircraft with cables – then flew away.

Rather a bold move, wouldn’t you say?

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