Man Bullied 4 On 1 Holds His Ground, Teaches Aggressors Valuable Lesson

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Although many people would shy away from a fight where he’s the sole party looking on against 4 aggressors, one man defied all odds and even managed to teach a modern-day bully a valuable lesson. Despite looking larger in numbers, one man showed that sometimes it takes a bit more than shear force to win a fight.

Although it’s unclear as to why the fight arose, four men were looking to rough up a single entity. The bullied man was quick to explain that he’d be more than happy to take on each member of the group, just one at a time, it wasn’t long before the punches began flying.

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He was immediately knocked down where his aggressors showed no mercy as he continued his beating as the defenseless man laid on the floor. He eventually got up though, and despite being a bit humiliated, came back to hold his own.

After getting in close enough, he was able to land a blow so powerful that it sent his aggressor hurling toward the floor. Rocked from the punch he just received the bully suddenly shied away from the incident and was even seen running away at one point.

It is also worth noting that the other participants who were loud mouthing in the beginning were no longer able to be found after their buddy was dropped like a sack of potatoes. Let us know what you thought of this victory in the comments below.

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