Bully Doesn’t Know He’s Antagonizing A Veteran, Gets Destroyed

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There no greater feeling in the world than when a bully gets taught a lesson in both civility and humility after egging on someone they believe they’re superior to. Such a case was recently recorded in which a bully thought he found the perfect target to humiliate – turns out, his victim was a veteran.

The video starts out by showing an obnoxious and out of control man visibly trying to provoke a physical altercation with an extremely calm man (the veteran). As he just stood there, with the bully mere inches from his face screaming, it’s unclear how he kept his cool despite the aggressor laying his hands on him several times.

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Pretty soon however, the out-of-control man knocks over the veteran’s trash can, which seems to be the tipping point. Whipping out his apparent martial arts skills, he quickly deescalates the situation with the first blow he is able to deliver sending his attacker to the ground.

The bully is sent walking away with his tail tucked after obviously having been humiliated. What do you guys think – is that perhaps the best walk of shame ever? Let us know in the comments below.

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