Obama Using Scandals, Fraud And Bullying To Establish Dictatorship

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A recent article on the Patriot Post outlined just how Obama is using lies, deceit, bullying, and scandals to turn America from an independent nation to a totalitarian nightmare dependent upon government.

The author believed that everything the Obama administration is doing is all part of a cold, calculated plan to destroy our nation’s constitution and sovereignty in order to bring our nation down to the lowest level of “legalese and enforcement.”

“It might even be called ‘planned anarchy.’”

He explained how Rahm Emmanuel, former Chief Advisor to the White House, told Obama “Don’t let a good crisis go to waste.” This was an obvious attempt to tell Obama that he can use any sleazy or dirty trick even under the public eye as long as it’s hidden under the cover of confusion, which is something we all know too well.

Obama’s Anti-Gun Minions Rejuvenating Gun Grabbing Efforts

“Obama’s mission prior to the 2008 presidential campaign, as engineered by the United Nations and one of its more wealthy and powerful leaders, George Soros, was wreaking havoc and mayhem at ALL government levels in order for outsiders, AKA, U.N. members, to walk in at a certain point in time and take over all of America’s resources and strengths relatively unopposed due to military armed forces weakening and mitigation of all their powers and strengths to actively oppose subjugation by enemy forces without contest.”

The author then explained that top military leaders have been disposed of, the military has been demoralized through prohibiting the practice of all religions except Islam, which is the home of terrorism, silencing freedom of speech, and going after personal firearms every chance Obama gets.

“It has become a regular litany of absolute and imperious conduct on the part of this fructuous bully.”

These may seem trivial due to how often we see them, he writes, but they really aren’t.

“They are all part of the Obama et al, master plan of assumption of full control of all government functions and when totally in location, will place this entire country under the thumb of the corrupt and evil United Nations and its sneaky subterranean leadership of multi-mega, ultra wealthy international zillionaires whose lust is for universal control of space, the atmosphere, the eternal galaxy and even the heavens, uncharted though they may be.”

Every time Obama makes a power grab our nation falls deeper into the abyss, and totalitarianism creeps even closer.

“The truth Democrats don’t want you to know is that these scandals are not about racism or Republicans or obstruction votes or even President Obama. These scandals are about the collapse of a big-government bureaucracy that consistently lets you down, but which the left depends on to keep your vote.”

He believes the scandals to be more about collapsing big government for an outside body to step in and take control. With the Democrats constantly pushing us towards a one-world government while embracing Alinski-esque tactics, the likelihood of this is even better than one would imagine.

 Obama’s Shocking Behind The Scenes Attempt At Gun Control

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