Obama’s Anti-Gun Minions Rejuvenating Gun Grabbing Efforts

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It’s no secret that Liberals will do just about anything to be successful in their personal and political agenda, even if that means standing atop the piles of dead bodies to do so. As more and more mass murders continue to occur – on account of stricter gun control not allowing for people the opportunity to defend themselves – it seems that politicians are working harder than ever to disarm Americans.

At this point, the cycle of gun control seems to be a catch 22 – and it’s not good for us gun loving patriots. A murder happens, politicians play on the emotions of the public, the public agrees as their feelings are heightened, and gun owners feel the squeeze.

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As gun rights are being taken away from citizens, this poses a greater threat each and every time that a mass shooting happens as they may have been able to protect themselves if it weren’t for gun grabbing politicians and the demonization of guns.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Although California already has the strictest gun control in the nation, politicians have recently politicized the Santa Barbara killer’s situation in an effort to ban even more guns. That being said, at some point, someone has to say enough is enough.

What do you guys think – how could pro-Second Amenders go about defeating ignorant anti-gun politicians? Let us know in the comments below.

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