Obama’s Shocking Behind The Scenes Attempt At Gun Control

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If it’s not clear by now that American’s love their guns, then it’s safe to say that you probably can’t get anything through Obama’s thick skull. It seems as though he understands this finally, but given the narcissist that he is, he’s not giving up on gun control without a fight.

Enter Operation Choke Point.

Created by the Department of Justice – you know, Attorney General Eric Holder – and Obama’s administration come a program that works behind the scenes to put the squeeze on gun purchases.

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In effect, this labels guns and ammunition as high risk activity and officially makes it more difficult for banks to do business with anything firearm related. As money makes the world go round – well, you probably get it by now – gun owners are officially being suffocated financially when it comes to their beloved pastimes.

According to Western Journalism, “Left without access to banking services, thousands of gun and ammunition dealers across America are on verge of bankruptcy. Credit cards cannot be processed. Cash deposits cannot be made. Checks cannot be written. A business simply cannot function without banking services—exactly what the Obama administration planned on.”

So what do you think – another sneaky ploy from the most transparent administration ever, or am I understanding this wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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