Bergdahl To Receive $200K In Back Pay

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Despite being deemed a deserter that denounced his U.S. citizenship and most recently was discovered to have declared jihad on America, it seems that Obama is bound and determined to reward Bergdahl some more. According to Army regulations, Bergdahl may be entitled to over $200,000 in back pay and benefits for the time he spent gallivanting with the Taliban.

According to The Washington Post, “Army regulations stipulate that he is entitled to his salary of roughly $1,400 a month for his deployment, plus benefits such as housing allowance and hostile-fire pay.” Add this all up since he was captured back in 2009, and you get a whopping $200,000 check.

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Former Army judge advocate Greg Rinckey explained, “He is entitled to that money. At a later date, the Army could go back and try to recoup it, but at this point, he is due his pay.” During the time he was considered a POW, his pay grade was upgraded twice despite most definitive reports declaring he violated his duties by abandoning his post.

Liberals have been urging the Right constantly not to judge the Bergdahl circumstance until all the facts are in – shouldn’t they do the same before handing a potential traitor and terrorist a $200,000 check?

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