Member Of Special Forces Noticed Something Troubling About Bergdahl Release Video

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Many Americans watched the video of Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal being released to American forces by the Taliban. For many it was about seeing how he looked after being in captivity for so long, however a member of the U.S. Special Forces saw something entirely different.

On Glenn Beck’s radio program this morning he explained the multiple troubling observations that were made by the man, who chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

For starters, the video was recorded by the Taliban. As Beck explained, when you are in an American helicopter in a war zone, and “you see a guy on the ground with a rocket launcher…and a video camera,” members of the military are given a shoot-to-kill order since the combatant is more than likely going to try to kill you and use the video as a propaganda tool.

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So according to Beck, the soldier wondered if it was agreed upon that the Taliban could record the exchange or if it was done without the knowledge of the team that retrieved Bergdahl.

Another aspect of the video that the soldier wasn’t a fan of was the fact that the helicopter landed in low ground and giving them the high ground.

“Problem number two: anybody notice that we’re landing in a valley?” Beck asked. “Anybody notice that? Do you see the mountain sides all around? We’re landing our helicopter in the low point, so they have all of the high points.”

Beck’s co-host, Pat Gray, chimed in and said “It’s a specific ambush location. They’re making the exchange in a place where they could easily be ambushed.”

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If you’ve watched the video, you’ve seen where the individual who’s recording it zooms in on the hills surrounding the landing zone, revealing the armed militants around the area.

Lastly, the soldier described what the Americans did with Bergdahl after taking him into custody as sloppy, and something that could have gotten them all killed. They waited until he was next to the helicopter in order to frisk him.

They went out to get him, didn’t check him then, and brought him back to their helicopter to search him where the rest of their team was. Had Bergdahl been wired with explosives they would have all been killed on the spot.

“This is so sloppy on our part,” Beck said. “How many rules were violated with us in this prisoner exchange? … Every soldier I’ve talked to is embarrassed by this.”

So did you notice any of these things when you watched the video? Let us know with a comment!

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