Traded Terrorist “Vows To Return To Afghanistan To Fight Americans”

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As American outrage grows louder by the day, it seems that Obama’s decision may not have been the best possible solution – an indication perhaps as to why he did is so sneakily. In yet just another way this is blowing up in the Commander-in-Chief’s face, one of the terrorists has recently vowed to “return to Afghanistan to fight Americans.”

As the deal stands, the five high level terrorists that had been released are to remain in Qatar for the next year as per the arrangement. One however, seems to think otherwise and has recently declared his intent to avenge his captivity.

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According to a Taliban commander, Noorullah Noori has pledged to return to the battlefield in Afghanistan to fight against the infidel. The commander explained in a recent NBC interview that, “After arriving in Qatar, Noorullah Noori kept insisting he would go to Afghanistan and fight American forces there.”

Currently, the five terrorists are being treated in a hospital where they are expected to recover. Noori has been reported to be mentally unstable on account of the past 12 years he’s been imprisoned.

What do you guys think – does this really shock you? Should Obama have expected this? What kind of fate does Obama deserve for accepting such a deal knowing it would result in more American lives lost? Let us know in the comments below.

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