Seattle Gunman Stopped By Unarmed Hero, Halts Killing Spree

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A gunman recently broke into Seattle Pacific University, shotgun blazing, shooting everyone that he could. He managed to kill one person and wound two more before a quick thinking hero was able to pepper spray him as he was reloading and tackle him to the ground.

Aaron Ybarra, 26, was reported to have been “hellbent on killing a lot of people today,” by police where he was captured wearing a knife and several extra shotgun shells. Ybarra barged into the hall, shot three people and attempted to reload his shotgun.


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At this time, Jon Meis reportedly sprayed Ybarra in the eyes with pepper spray as he loaded his shells. From there, Meis put the gunman in the chokehold and wrestled him to the floor where other students were noted to assist him until officers arrived.

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