Taliban Says Obama’s Trade Gave Them “Legitimacy,” Rejuvenates Jihad

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As we’ve heard in the recent days, the Bergdahl trade in which Obama was severely hoping that the American people would commend has completely blown up in his face – in more ways than one. Despite the general unhappiness of the American people, it seems as the incident has rejuvenated the Taliban’s efforts as they claim it gave them “legitimacy.”

Shadow Taliban chief of the Shah Wali Kot district in Kandahar, Mr Maulvi Mubarak explains, “This gives the Islamic Emirates more legitimacy in front of the world. It shows we are able to deal directly with the Americans and also successfully.”

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Obama has effectively acknowledged their efforts as well as displayed them as a force like none other – after all, how many other terrorist organizations have we dealt with in such a high profile manner? Furthermore, Obama has pumped up their egos, giving them a boost of energy in their fight against America as well.

Mubarak went on to say, “This will give us more courage and determination to carry on this holy task.”

The Taliban have already announced that they will be stepping up their kidnapping efforts in an attempt for similar deals in the near future. In all, this trade has only gone to show how far Obama’s self-consumed personality will take him and to empower the enemy.

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They got five of their best five guys back, we got a deserter who denounced his citizenship and declared jihad on America – sounds like a great deal.

Feel free to let us know how much of a moron you think Obama is in the comments below.

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