The Amazing New Gun Technology That Has Gun-Grabbers Insane And Gun Lovers Ecstatic

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There’s a new app on the market that combines Google Glass with the latest in firearm technology and is without a doubt one of the coolest innovations when it comes to firearms that we’ve seen in a while.

The technology comes from the same company that brought us the laser-guided rifle capable of making 1,000 yard shots without breaking a sweat, Tracking Point, and it allows users to shoot around a corner, over a barricade, behind their back, or pretty much anywhere that you don’t have a direct line of sight.

Unfortunately, the makers of this glaringly awesome app said that they’re not going to be making it available to consumers, bummer. However the app is apparently available for use with smartphones and tablet PCs.

The video from Tracking Point explains that the rifle scope is affixed with a camera, which will then stream the images it captures via WiFi to whatever device is connected to it. Once the connection is made, the user can aim their rifle at whatever the camera sees without having to look through the scope, pretty cool right?

Go ahead and watch the video, then let us know what you think with a comment!

 This Rifle Is Going To Drive Gun-Grabbers INSANE


[H/T: TheBlaze]

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