Rural Counties Vote To Secede From California

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The United States may soon have a 51st state, as 16 counties in Northern California are trying to secede. On Tuesday, residents came out to cast their votes in the primary election and now secession is on the table.

California voters in Tehama County have passed a measure which will require officials to consider seceding from the state to form their own entity called “Jefferson”. This comes as a result of years of discord within the state between rural counties and densely populated cities.

California’s geography is as diverse as the people who occupy it. While there are many huge metropolitan areas the likes of Los Angeles and San Francisco, there are also expansive areas of rural agricultural land. As one would expect, the interests of voters in these two very different areas do not often align.

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California’s major cities contain the vast majority of it’s voters, and consequently, their voices are often times heard more loudly than those in rural counties. This is the impetus of Tehama County’s move to secede from the state.

Voters from rural areas are rightfully perturbed. They contribute a heck of a lot to California’s economy, and then get the short end of the stick from the legislature. Essentially, they are under represented and over regulated. These are the folks busting their butts from sun up to sun down in the dairies and the orchards and the fields. For the first time ever, these individuals were given the opportunity to vote on secession.

While this wouldn’t create a new state overnight, it was a way to measure the amount of support that the idea of secession has.

The biggest obstacle for these rural counties in a secession effort would be the fact that they would most likely not have the money needed to support themselves. It costly to run a state, after all, and these counties are among the poorest in California.

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