Thief And Bully Taught A Lesson Skater Style

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Recently caught on tape were two kids caught in a scuffle over one boy stealing the others scooter. After talking a bunch of crap and trying to physically instigate a fight, the other boy had about enough and laid down the law.

Apparently the boy in the purple, Eric, stole the boy in the green, Memphis’s, scooter and Memphis confronted him on the matter. At that time, Eric became belligerent and extremely defensive, so much in fact that he would rather start a fight rather than discuss the scooter.

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Trying to humiliate his opponent, he grabbed Memphis by the hair on two occasions and pulled him to the ground before calling him some derogatory names. After a while however, Memphis had just about enough, threw Eric to the ground and began to deliver some skate park justice.

What do you guys think – did this punk get what he deserved? Let us know in the comments below.

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