Obama Lies Again: Senators Not Convinced Bergdahl’s Life Was In Peril

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Given the recent controversy surrounding the trade for deserter Bowe Bergdahl for five high-level terrorists, it seems that the current administration has finally gotten their story straight. Quite a few days after the public began hounding the White House for answers, Obama has come forward saying that the terrorists claimed they would kill Bergdahl and that the deserters health appeared to have deteriorated in the proof of life video.

As it turns out however, a few Senators were able to take a peek at Bergdahl’s proof of life video – which, mind you, was a staggering 5 months old – to which they shared he appeared, “drugged,” but not quite as close to death as Obama led everyone to believe.

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According to Senate Intelligence Vice-Chairman Saxby Chambliss, “It appeared that he was drugged, and that he was barely responsive in the video itself. I don’t think from a health standpoint there was any issue that dictated the release of these five nasty killers in exchange for Bergdahl.”

Fortunately, this opinion seems to be bipartisan as Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin even mentioned, “That did not sell me at all. The proof of life was basically five months ago. December? At that time he was impaired. That is not the person that was released here. He was not in that type of dire situation when he was released.”

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Of course, it really comes at no shock to learn that Obama has lied yet again, as they seem to spew from his mouth more frequently then truths these days, but its nonetheless frustrating. Obama deliberately did something behind the backs of Americans because he knew they would not approve and now he’s lying to trying and justify his actions on top of it all – an effort mind you that isn’t anywhere near successful.

Let us know what you have to think about Obama’s latest show of incompetence in the comments below.

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