Good Samaritan Steps In To Save Bullied Kid, OBLITERATES Punk

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It’s a shame that bullying incidents don’t end up like this more often. Recently caught on tape, a Good Samaritan recently stepped in to assist a stranger who was being bullied and, needless to say, obliterated the punk bully in the process.

It’s unclear as to why the altercation came to pass, but a black bully was clearly the aggressor in this circumstance. Loudly shouting, and clearly trying to instigate a physical fight, a white boy timidly leaned against a fence looking to avoid the punk entirely.

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Before long, a stranger came in and confronted the bully telling him to basically pick on someone his own size. The two new participants quickly became entangled in a fight where a swift punch sent the bully hurtling to the floor.

Adding insult to injury, the entire crowd laughed and cheered as the bully was put on his butt. Guess he won’t be making that mistake again.

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