BREAKING: “Rambo Style” Gunman On The Loose, Killed 3 Cops So Far

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Residents of a Canadian town are being told to stay indoors as they explain a “Rambo style” killer is on the loose. Justin Bourque, 24, is being sought after by law enforcement personnel and military forces after killing two innocents and three police officers.

According to reports, Bourque has in his possession two rifles, a crossbow and knife and has already proven he’s ready to use them. Caitlin Isaac used to work with Bourque at a local Walmart where she explained him to be quite odd and resistant to authority.

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She noted that, “I never took him seriously, but he always said he wanted to go out with a bang and bring people with him.” She further added, “He always seemed to have a problem with authority. Issues with parents, bosses, police…” To top it all off, Issac shared that Bourque was eventually fired for his “attitude” and for being “defiant.”

Mike Campbell, a friend of Bourque’s since childhood, mentioned that Bourque had become withdrawn lately and seemingly disturbed by something. Sharing a recent experience he had with the now-gunman, Campbell said, “We were just sitting in the garage drinking a little bit of whiskey, listening to some Black Sabbath, and having a good time. Then he got up. ‘I should get home before I pass out,’ is what he said. ‘I’m going to go.’”

The conversation progressed to even stranger territory as Campbell describes, “I told him, ‘Get hold of me later.’ And he was like, ‘I don’t know. You take care, Mike. You have a good life.’” Completely baffled by the response, he shot back, “No, man really. You’re not going to come visit me? Come over any time, I’ll be here.”

Campbell recalls, “And he was like, ‘That probably won’t be able to happen….’ I was kind of weirded out by it. A few weeks later all this crazy nonsense happened.” Now, as it stands, Bourque is trying to fufill his desire to go out with a “bang,” as he’s already entered into firefights with police officers.


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Armed to the teeth, the manhunt is still underway. For a more detailed report on Bourque and Canadian efforts to locate him, feel free to read the Mail Online’s report here.

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