Skinny Bully Gets What’s Coming To Him, Surprise Ending

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As bullying continues to be a problem here in America and worldwide on account of lax parenting principles, yet another encounter was recently caught on tape. Fortunately for viewers, this video happens to be a feel good video where the bully actually gets what’s coming to him.

The video starts out appearing as if it’s nothing more than a verbal altercation, but with a little peer pressure influencing the situation, the two are off swinging away in no time. Needless to say, as the title states, the skinny bully gets it handed to him as he’s slugged quite a few times and he’s sent multiple times to the floor.

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The ending is perhaps the strangest part as after the two have duked out their feud, it appears as though they wanted to end the fight as gentlemen. Giving each other a handshake, it’s safe to say there probably won’t be any more bullying going on between these two.

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