Child Star Dakota Fanning Loses Her Virginity In New Film

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Hardly anyone would disagree that child star Dakota Fanning is an incredibly talented actress. However, as she has blossomed into adulthood, her film roles have gotten much more mature.

In her upcoming movie, ‘Very Good Girls’, Fanning stars alongside Elizabeth Olsen. The plot line sees the two young girls through a pact that they make with each other to lose their virginity before going off to college. Because what could be worse that starting your college career off as a virgin, right? You can watch the trailer for the movie above.

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Hollywood, a town almost completely devoid of any moral compass, seems to have a strange fascination with virginity. Perhaps it has something to do with the throngs of stars who can barely remember their innocence. One thing is for sure – liberal Tinsel Town will do anything in it’s power to degrade our once Christian-centered society as much as possible. The storyline of this new film seems to fit that agenda quite nicely, wouldn’t you say?

Fanning has managed to stay above the fray, unlike other child stars so often in the news for going down the wrong path. What do you think? Will you be buying a ticket to see Dakota Fanning lose her virginity on the big screen? Sound off in the comments section!

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