Allen West Demanding Articles Of Impeachment Be Filed On Obama

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Obama’s scandals are so frequent that the American people are growing tired of both his incompetence and his constant Constitutional overstep that they’re about ready to toss him from the oval office. Perhaps shouting the loudest in hopes this becomes a reality is Allen West who has recently called for article of impeachment to be filed on Obama.

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The statement came about when West was speaking on, “The Capitol Hill Show with Tim Constantine,” in which he explained:

We acquiesced to the demands of a terrorist organization. Without a doubt, this is an impeachable offense. This represents aiding and abetting the enemy, this is a high crime and misdemeanor, and the United States House of Representatives should draw up articles of impeachment on the president on this incident.

Although Obama thought that returning an American soldier home – despite the cost of five high level terrorists – would allow for the American people to look upon him favorably, it has all but blown up in his face. Obama hid in the shadows while he completed this deal and did so intentionally only further demonstrating the deceitful narcissist he truly is.

What do you guys think – should Obama be impeached? Let us know in the comments below.

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