Man Gets Robbed At Gunpoint While Wearing A GoPro

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A man out for a leisurely mountain bike ride was in for the shock of his life when three men robbed him at gunpoint. Fortunately for him, he was wearing a GoPro helmet camera and captured the whole thing on tape.

As he’s riding down a trail he comes across railroad tracks and slows down to cross them. He starts to speed back up again and a man approaches from the right side of the screen, flagging him down.

When the man approaches he flashes a pistol at the man on the bicycle. As the man with the gun is looking for items to take, two more men approach and start looking also.

The three men end up taking the bicycle and a couple of other possessions, but leave the bike owner uninjured.

There’s no word on whether or not the thieves have been caught, however with the HD footage of one of their faces the odds of it were greatly increased.

That guy may have just won the dumbest crook of the year award.

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