Discovered: 900 Pound Ancient Crocodile

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If you’re into dinosaurs or you’re a paleontology buff, then you know that crocodiles are the descendants of extinct dinosaurs which once roamed the Earth. Now, a fossil-rich coal mine in the Columbian rainforest which has produced some of the world’s most legendary remains, is adding more to that stash. Four new specimens of a giant ancient crocodile have been unearthed.

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The beast tipped the scales at over 900 pounds and scientists have named it Anthracosuchus balrogus, which is quite a mouthful. I’ll have to stick with ‘giant crocodile’ myself.

A specimen of Anthracosuchus balrogus is prepared next to an alligator skull.

The skull of Anthracosuchus balrogus compared to the skull of a modern-day crocodile. 

Other remains discovered within the same coal mine were of a tortoise with a shell as think as a school textbook. What’s more, the skeleton of the world’s largest snake was also uncovered there. It was a whopping 48 feet long. Enough to give those of us who squirm at the thought of reptiles quite the nightmare.

It all sounds like a group of creatures out of a science fiction story, but the tangible remains prove that these monsters did once exist.

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